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The Chi of Poetry, the healing power of writing    Meditation

The Chi of Poetry live class.

The Leaky Gut Solution    Nourishing Life

The leaky gut solution by Dr. James Lemire

Partner Qi Massage:    Daoist Healing

This class is an introduction to simple techniques for providing healing Qi massage.

Winter Class by Wudang Chen    Tai Ji

class description not available

Water Element Harmony: Winter Kidney, Bladder, Deep Tissue Cleanse    Qi Gong

The winter kidney cleanse is one of the main time honored techniques to harmonize the water element.

Primordial QiGong    Qi Gong

Primordial QiGong Live Class

Solar Nutrition: Timing Concept    Nourishing Life

Solar Nutrition: Timing Concept Live Class

Ear Massage for Nourishing Life and Promoting Super Immunity    Nourishing Life

Ear Massage Class

Hand & Joint opening Cultivations for Health & Healing    Dao Yin

Good for anyone that uses their hands.

Diet & Wellness Lecture    Nourishing Life

no description available.

Chinese Food Therapy    Daoist Healing

no description available.

2022 Chinese Zodiac Predictions    Daoist Philosophy

A brief prediction for 2022

EnerQi©    Qi Gong

EnerQi® combines the structure of Qigong with the joy of dance.

The Foundation to Qi Gong Practice    Tai Ji

The Foundation to Qi Gong Practice.

Master Li's Qi Gong    Qi Gong

description not available

Philosophy Part I    Daoist Philosophy

A Master Class from Dao Masters

Roadmap To Healthy Longevity    Nourishing Life

A Master Class from Dao Masters

Tai Qi Gong 18 Part 1 Walk-through    Qi Gong

A Qi Gong Flow integrates massage, stretching and meditation...

Tai Qi Gong 18 Part 1 Practice    Qi Gong

A Tai Qi Qi Gong guided practice

Daoist Preservation Exercises    Dao Yin

Traditional exercises movements 1-10

Bone Nourishing Qi Gong    Dao Yin

Daoist one Stretching exercises

Hun Yuan Qi Gong    Dao Yin

Primordial Qi Gong Part I

The World of the Dao    Daoist Philosophy

Decoding the realms of the Dao, more then quantum physics

Awakening the "master within"    Master Within

Decoding the special DNA of the Dao to seek ultimate freedom

Mystical World of Tai Ji    Tai Ji

Discussion on differences between Wu Dang and other schools of Tai Ji

Refining your life with Qi Gong    Qi Gong

Discussion on Wu Dang Qi Gong

Question and Answer    Live

Bring your questions to

Opening Zhong Mai (Chong Meridian)    Tai Ji

Zhong Mai is important meridian for a Nei Dan (Internal Alchemy) practitioner.

Wu Dang Long Mei Nei Dan Gong    Tai Ji

This class focuses on discussion on the practice of Nei Dan (Internal Elixir)

Protect Your Organs    Tai Ji

Every organ has a lifetime

Ten Dimensions: Time & Space    Tai Ji

This is Daoist way that works with science to explain muti-dimensional reality.

Xiu Zhen Tu    Tai Ji

Discussion on ancient mystical "Xiu Zhen Tu"

Nei Jing Tu    Tai Ji

Discussion on ancient mystical "Nei Jing Tu"

Daoist Way of Life    Tai Ji

This course will discuss the Daoist traditional way of life

Dao De Jing and Me    Tai Ji

This course will discuss the application of the Dao De Jing

Yijing and Matching Relationships    Tai Ji

This course will discuss and teach a method to find a "best match" relationship

Morning Practice Nov 8    Dao Yin

Dao Yin Daily Practice Class