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Partner Qi Massage:  Banner

Partner Qi Massage:

This class is an introduction to simple techniques for providing healing Qi massage.

Tai He Temple

Review the Sunday Lectures and more.

Tai He Courses

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Primordial QiGong Banner

Primordial QiGong

Primordial QiGong Live Class
Winter Class by Wudang Chen Banner

Winter Class by Wudang Chen

class description not available
The Foundation to Qi Gong Practice Banner

The Foundation to Qi Gong Practice

The Foundation to Qi Gong Practice.
Tai Qi Gong 18 Part 1 Practice Banner

Tai Qi Gong 18 Part 1 Practice

A Tai Qi Qi Gong guided practice
Chinese Food Therapy Banner

Chinese Food Therapy

no description available.
Philosophy Part I Banner

Philosophy Part I

A Master Class from Dao Masters

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Ginger Scallion Tea

With the advent of fall and winter, it is important for people to keep...

Tai He Shopping

Daoist first quality products

Wudang Internal Kung Fu DVD Recording

Explore Wudang Nei Dan with Wudang Chen.

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Lingzhi Foot Bath Dao Yin

Smooth your blood circulation, chase out dampness and cold from the body. Perfect for the Autumn nourishing process.

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Daoist Bag Tai Ji

A cotton transportation bag with the Wudang logo. Handy for trailing and long walks

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