Wudang Internal Kung Fu

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Explore Wudang Nei Dan with Wudang Chen.

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Wudang Mountain in China is the birthplace of Internal Martial Arts. Zhang San Feng is the creator of Wudang Internal Martial Arts.

In this video you will get a rare glimpse of some of the many Internal styles of Kung Fu practiced in this ancient magical place known as Wudang Mountain.

Through many years of practicing Wudang Martial Arts you develop an Internal Alchemy called Nei Dan. The techniques used are quite mystical and help the practitioner cultivate an internal strength which is the secret of these ancient styles of Kung Fu.

Many of the ancient forms you will see on this video have never been shown outside of Wudang Mountain. They are only taught to Priests in the Temple.

This video is a gift for all those who treasure the ancient techniques of Kung Fu.

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