Lingzhi Foot Bath

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Smooth your blood circulation, chase out dampness and cold from the body. Perfect for the Autumn nourishing process.

Product Details

Foot Bath Benefits:

  • Smooth Blood circulation
  • Chase yin qi; chase out dampness and cold from the body
  • Warm stomach and spleen by nurturing qi
  • Help and prevent stomach pain
  • Smooth meridian qi flow
  • Replenish and activating blood
  • Regulating menstruations issue cold hand and cold feet issue
  • Activating yang qi
  • Hydrating skin and help cracked heels
  • Improving cold hands and feet
  • Improve arthritic and joint pain situation
  • Athletes foot benefit
  • You will radiate with Beauty


Lingzhi, ginger, angelica, astragalus, poria, bamboo leaves, white peony, ocher, moringa, tongkat ali, saffron, Chinese pepper and other plants.

Preparing Instructions:

Best to enjoy a healing soak 30 minutes prior to bedtime. Use 104-degree water and soak for 20-40 minutes. Frequency: daily to every other day, weekly or as needed.

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