Taoist Prayer

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Taoist Prayer

Taoism gives power and authority back to humans. All immortals came from humans. All immortals came from humans. The first human came from an immortal. They maintain another reincarnation invisibly. Human to world of yin is one reincarnation. Human to world of yang is also a reincarnation. In the very beginning humans' ancestors came from heaven. "Send his own beloved son to the earth".Taoism gives back all self-respect. You have your own power and authority. You are immortal. You have complete choice. You can turn left or turn right. Once reincarnation goes back home, to heaven, the other goes back to the social club, the world of Yin. It is true dialectic, true choice.

The beginning of the immortals came from the origin of the universe. The universe gave birth to the original immortal Yuan Shi (Original Beginning), the highest god in Taoism, then Ling Bao (Precious Treasure) then Dao De (Dao and Virtue which is Lao Zi).

In the world of Yang there are many different levels of accomplishment. In the Yin world it is involuntary reincarnation. In the Yang world there is complete choice and freedom around reincarnation.

When praying this is the sequence to use:

  • Heaven
  • Grandparents/Parents
  • Master (2nd parent)
  • Siblings and Children
  • Community
  • Self
  • Return to the Universe

Ask forgiveness for any non-virtuous behavior or feelings, ask for blessing for those who have hurt you. Ask for all the blessings from the universe that your parents have longevity, peace and blessings. Say thank you for your masters and ask that blessings come to them. Bless your brothers, sisters, children and relatives. Next ask for blessings for your community – village, town and country. Finally go back to your wish and request successful business, peace, longevity, wealth, partner, etc. Bless the whole family of your partner (even if you don't yet have a partner.)

End by returning to the universe.

Doing this prayer will bring peace and glory back to yourself and you will feel great.