Are You Ready To Reclaim Your Freedom?

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Are You Ready To Reclaim Your Freedom?

Why do you behave the way that you always behave? Break the illusion, find the unity in polarity:

I & “I”
Self & Selflessness
Reality & Beyond Reality
Illusion & Truth

Flip the coin until you give up the need to be recognized. Where are you now? Accept who you are. Have more fun, let go of illusion, let go of judgment. Apply love and compassion to yourself. When the heart is polluted, we find a lot to entertain and pollute ourselves. The cause of disease is in your heart. You locked your heart; you can unlock it.

To solve external problems, you must solve interior. In your heart there is the seed of an immortal and the seed of a devil. Choose wisely!

Play a damn good game!

Life is Mission Impossible. Everybody has their own destiny and their own life to live. If you live in fear, you are already dead. Are you willing to take the first step to defeat illusion? Peel away the layers. When you gain you also lose; when you lose you gain. The steel box stores your original heart – you have the key to unlock the steel box. Let go of everything associated with “I”. You are mother, father, son, daughter, friend, child, also your son’s daughter - layer upon layer of ego. You must let it go. The ego looks for recognition.

We have the Three Treasures: Jing, Qi and Shen. Attachment to self or ego leaks or uses up Jing or Qi. Then the Shen cannot be nurtured and can’t blossom. We have wisdom to make choices. Let go of need. Let go of black/white, right/wrong thinking. Especially, let go of the judgment of self. The result of judging is that you become your own victim. Think of the good.

When you think a negative thought, it is empowered by the universe. The universe creates a counter projection, it triples the thought. The source of creation, good or bad, is the self! You can create your own tomb or you can create your own heaven. Either choose wisely and be in the Tao or choose evil. You must have enough energy to make wise choice.

Nothing is absolute.

How do you know that you are now? The transmission/transcription processing delays. We live in three dimensions simultaneously; in different forms, processing differently, but the spirit is the same.

Make good choices! Reclaim your freedom.