Advice On Love & Immortality

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Advice On Love & Immortality

This life is all about relationships. It’s about love – expecting love and giving love. It’s about our relationship with Tao, family, people, pets, nature. Love is the best thing for the quality of mankind but is the worst thing for attaining immortality – a lethal poison. Love is a major attachment.

What is your wisdom for giving and getting love? What is your need for giving and getting love? We hunger, we crave, we grieve, we hate. It’s all about love and need.

To deal with love we have the three treasures of the Tao: Conscience; Mercy; and Forgiveness.

Heal yourself to heal your relationships.

Love is the best quality and the worst nectar and poison. Nurtured by love and killed by love. You must balance love with the Three Treasures.

Are you making a truthful effort? You must go into the original spirit and apply conscience, mercy, and forgiveness. You need to make a 100% truthful effort.

The ultimate goal is the selfish Tao and doing what is needed to walk the tightrope. You must be focused. You can only go forward on the narrow path which is full of reward and full of danger. You must have no baggage.

Love is a poison arrow that can distract you from stillness and detachment from need. Detach/attach – that is how we balance. First though, we must produce the best quality of human life and love. Only then can we move beyond to practice immortality. At some point we must give up love. We must take off our shoes when we go inside; that is equal to love. Then the home is completely clean, and life is pure. The Tao and Virtue are behind the Three Treasures. Use the Three Treasures (conscience, mercy, and forgiveness). First you must apply the best conscience for yourself before you can apply it to others. Decide who you want to be. Be merciful about anything that detracts or distracts. Forgiveness is the tool for getting back on track.

Every day we are in the triangle game. How can we play and not play? Detachment is the key. Play the game joyfully and playfully. Don’t crave the chocolate, take it lightly. When you do have it, enjoy it.

Celebrate diversity. Don’t force yourself into the game, celebrate the game. Don’t try to force others to be like you. The more you push or persecute, the harder they kick back. Others will fight to protect their spirit. Softness overcomes hardness, mercy is water, water is soft. The unique character of Wu Dang is softness. Softness is the application of the Tao. Water can carry, flow, or flood. Celebrate different manifestations of the Tao.